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Dog Bobblehead Gift

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 1.Pets are our best fur-friend. Honor the memories made with your best 4 legged friend with a customized pet bobblehead, this a great way to capture the special pet within our lives. You just need to upload it’s photos from different sides, and give us the special instructions. As pets have various color combinations, we would like to see different angle photos so we can capture the fur colors properly.  

2.We can fully customize the pet bobblehead with sports or superheros body you like.

3.We can make dog bobblehead same size like human body, about 7 inches. If need slightly higher or shorter please contact us.

You can send your pictures now, or you can send them to after your order been placed. (*Max 1Mb each)
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Sculpture Methods
Standard Sculpting (3 weeks ) ( Free )
Fast Sculpting (within 15 days) [Plus $10.00]
Faster Sculpting (within 10 days)  [Plus $20.00]
Need It Now! NO PROOF (within 3 days)  [Plus $25.00]
Hat/helmet [Plus $2.00]
Tattoos  [Plus $2.00]
Glasses  [Plus $2.00]
Text On Base/Shirt (Leave on comments) [Plus $2.00]
Logo On Base / Shirt (upload or email us)  [Plus $2.00]
Pets like cat, dog...  [Plus $29.00]
Add a Background
Background can be a motorcycle, a car, a boat, any frame you can imagine. [Plus $28.00]
Top-level similaritly by our master [Plus $34.00]
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If you want to change the clothes color, please describe here.

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