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200 Same Bulk Bobblehead Custom Wholesale

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    Please only provide JPG/GIF/PNG files. Individual photo size cannot exceed 2MB.

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  • Extra Charge Options:

    Add Text On the Base(comment in box) [ + $2.50 ]

    Make Head Stationary [ + $2.00 ]

    Add Company/Brand Logo [ + $2.00 ]

  • Doll Size (Standard 7 Inches):
  • Special instructions & Comments(If you want to change the clothes color, please describe here; Please leave date you need by.):
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2.Height: Standard height is approximately 7 inches, though taller options are available at an additional cost.

Please note that the standard height mentioned is applicable to human designs. For many cartoon or non-human designs, our artists adjust the standard size accordingly to ensure a better appearance.

3.Weight-Each bobblehead weighs approximately 0.25 kg-0.3kg. 

4. Clothing and Posture - For all items in this bulk category, we offer free customization of clothing and posture. The models shown on the website are just a past example, and both clothing and posture can be changed.

5.Free 2D Mock-up/Free Prototype/Free Proofing
*We're happy to provide you with a 2D mockup before your purchase to ensure you're fully satisfied with your design.
*For bulk orders exceeding 500 pieces, we suggest ordering a prototype first before proceeding with the full order. The payment for the prototype will be refunded once you finalize the bulk order.
*We'll send you proofs at each production stage to ensure your satisfaction. *Normally you will receive the proofs via email in 5 working days after placingg order. For super rush orders, we'll provide proofs within 48 hours to keep things moving swiftly.

6.Photos-We require a good front view, side view, and back view for the best results. However, if you only have a good front view available, that will suffice as well. If you have additional clothing or more pictures, please send them to us. Higher photo quality leads to a better resemblance in the final bobblehead product.

Please review the production time required for different pics listed below.
Production Time
50-100 100-300 300-500 500-1000
30 Days 40 Days 50 Days 60 Days

Shipment Time:
Air shipping typically takes 3-5 business days, while sea shipping usually requires 25-30 days. 

8.Shipment Method-Shipping options include Fedex, DHL, UPS, or sea. Please be aware that selecting sea shipping will result in lower shipping fees but a longer delivery time of approximately one month. Air shipping, on the other hand, typically takes 3-5 working days but comes with higher shipping costs.

9.Shipment Destination-We offer worldwide shipping to various cities, as well as the option to ship to different addresses within a single order.

10.Payment Method-For orders under $3,000, full payment is required before production begins. You can conveniently make payments using your credit card, debit card, or PayPal on our website. For orders exceeding $3,000, we accept payments through ACH and wire transfer. A 50% deposit is required before production starts, with the remaining 50% due before shipment.

11.Package-Please check our standard package below. we will individually pack each bobblehead with Styrofoam and place them in their own box, which will then be packed together in a larger hard box. 

Additionally, we offer customization options for boxes based on your specific requirements. Please indicate your preferences by selecting one of the following options. We can incorporate elements such as bobblehead pictures, your company logo, slogan, or name for an additional fee. Furthermore, we provide gift boxes and greeting cards for a separate charge if you are interested in purchasing them.

12.How to order bulk bobbleheads on Crebobble.com?

                                     What’s our difference with others?

  1. Fast Turnaround:We can send order out in one to three days for super rush bulk orders. This is really fastest and make use different with others.

  2. Free Proofing:We offer free 2d mockup before purchase and free prooing during production.

  3. Free Redo Policy-If you are dissatisfied with the head, please inform us, and we will redo it at no additional cost.

  4. Test Order:If you are not ready to place a bulk order with us at once, you can start by placing a test order on our website. Once you decide to proceed with a bulk order, we will refund the payment for the test order.

  5. Best Artists Team:High experienced team-yes our artstis have full experience in making bulk orders, unlike those small seller on Etsy, we have a big artists team that are capbale of make high quality bobblehead in short time.

  6. Top Customer Service:Unlike any other vendors, we focuse on customer experience, our customer service will send proofs to you step by step during production and make sure you like the end result. In 80% of the cases, the order customer ordered is more than they buy in the initial order, what does this mean, when they see our product proofs, they want to add more for friends or boss or staff. We are pround of our service and products.

  7. Custom Logo and Text:we can incorporate your company or brand logo on bobblehead or put text/name on each bobblehead. We do not simply apply stickers for logos; instead, we engrave text directly onto the base.

  8. Best Pricing for Wholesale:Yes we have bulk pricing that is lower than any small store or factory or shop. If you can find any place is lower than ours please let us know. 

  9. Best Materials and Great Details:We have managed to identify the top-notch techniques and materials for creating the custom bobblehead, hence the unique yet satisfactory experience. We completely handmade the bobbleheads, so personalization and customization are welcomed. We ensure to design the vibrant and realistic bobblehead dolls since our artists pay attention to all the details. Truth be told, we ensure the creation of exquisite bobbleheads.


"We recently ordered 100 custom bobbleheads for our boss from Crebobble.com and were extremely pleased with the results. The quality of the bobbleheads exceeded our expectations, and our boss was thrilled with the unique and personalized gift. Today, we have decided to order an additional 200 bobbleheads to give to our team members as well. Crebobble.com has impressed us with their excellent craftsmanship and attention to detail. We highly recommend them for anyone looking for custom bobbleheads."
-Debbie L.

"Oh man, let me tell you about the mascot bobbleheads we got from Crebobble.com - they're hilarious in the best way possible! Our team mascot has never looked so... bobble-y! The attention to detail was spot-on, from the oversized head to the tiny little jersey. And let's not forget the constant head-bobbling action - it's like our mascot is grooving at a dance party 24/7. The proofing process was a riot too, tweaking those bobbleheads until they were just right. And when they arrived, we couldn't stop cracking up at how perfectly ridiculous they were. They're a slam dunk... or should I say, a head-bobble?"
-Aneliza R.

"We recently placed an order for 19 different custom bobbleheads for our baseball team players and coaches from Crebobble.com, and we could not be happier with the results. Each bobblehead perfectly captured the likeness and personality of the individual it represented, making them a truly unique and special gift. The attention to detail and quality of the bobbleheads exceeded our expectations, and our team members were thrilled with their personalized gifts. We were also impressed with Crebobble.com's fast turnaround service, ensuring that we received our order in a timely manner. We highly recommend Crebobble.com. Thank you for providing such a fantastic product and service."
-Shaquana J.

"So, we decided to order 50 custom bobbleheads for our company staff awards from Crebobble.com, and we were blown away! Their proofing service was awesome - they sent proofs to us step by step until it was just right. And talk about fast turnaround - we had all 50 bobbleheads in our hands in record time! The packaging was solid too, ensuring they arrived in perfect condition. Overall, Crebobble.com is the real deal for custom bobbleheads. Big thanks to the team for the awesome service!"
-Charles K.

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