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Wholesale sports bobbleheads 300pics

Starting at: $13.90 $13.90

Item #: BU1306

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    **After order, please send the clear facial photos, clothing photos and pose photos to our 

 **You only need to send your facial picture、action picture 、clothes picture or drawing picture, then you can get your customized bobbleheads  realizing your best likeness.

 **This is for all same bobbleheads.

You can send your pictures now, or you can send them to service@crebobble.com after your order been placed. (*Max 1Mb each)
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Sculpture Methods
Standard Sculpting (3 weeks ) ( Free )
Fast Sculpting (within 15 days)$10$ [Plus $10.00]
Faster Sculpting (within 10 days) $20$ [Plus $20.00]
Need It Now! NO PROOF (within 3 days)$25$  [Plus $25.00]
Hat/helmet $2.00$ [Plus $2.00]
Tattoos $2.00$ [Plus $2.00]
Glasses $2.00$ [Plus $2.00]
Text On Base/Shirt (Leave on comments) $2.00$ [Plus $2.00]
Logo On Base / Shirt (upload or email us) $2.00$ [Plus $2.00]
Pets like cat, dog... $29.00$ [Plus $29.00]
Add a Background
Background can be a motorcycle, a car, a boat, any frame you can imagine. $28$ [Plus $28.00]
Top-level similaritly by our master $34$ [Plus $34.00]
Special instructions & Comments

If you want to change the clothes color, please describe here.

Total: $13.90USD

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