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True Testimonials From Our Customers

If you have purchased a bobblehead from us and would like to share a testimonial relating to our website, services and products, please email us at service@crebobble.com.

KYRA Robertson

I just wanted to thank you guys for your awesome work! They turned out amazing and I Loved giving them to my docs as gifts!!!!! Great gift and a great job , thank you!!!! 

KYRA Robertson        Jan.31, 2018

Mirella Nixon

I received the package and your guys did a WONDERFUL job :) Thanks so much for reworking the male, he looks amazing, I'm excited to give the bride and groom their gift today, I know they will love it. You were great to work with and thanks so much for following up :) All the best,

Mirella Nixon        Jan.31, 2018

Brittany Smalley

I just wanted to say how AMAZING you all have done!!!!!!  I am so pleased with the bobble head your company produced for me.  You all are really excellent and I am going to spread the word.  My appreciation for all the hard work and prompt delivery can not be expressed.  Your company did such an amazing job in such short notice and I was the hit for Christmas.  Now everyone wants a bobble head.  Much appreciation!! getting ready to order another one right now!!!

Brittany Smalley        Jan.31, 2018

Brooke Taylor

Just to tell you all 11 bobbleheads arrived safely and were happily given to my grand children. Thank you for your great service! yours truly Brooke

Brooke Taylor        Jan.31, 2018

Brian Costello

Molly, just wanted to say thank you for your help with our bobble head order. I received it last week and it looks great! Very happy and I appreciate the craftsmanship with our custom bobble heads.


Brian Costello        Jan.31, 2018

John Woolsey

Hello, your bobblehead came in perfect. The quality was even better than expected. Thank you for the great service.

John Woolsey        Jan.31, 2018



I recently placed an order for a bobble head, and I just wanted to applaud the service and quality of it. It was a gift and it went over really well -- very pleased with how it turned out. I don't mean to clog up your emails, I just wanted to express my happiness and satisfaction.  Thank you!!

April VEVERKA        Jan.31, 2018

Bridget Hunter

They arrive just perfect. And I will let you know about the larger order after this Christmas because that is when my brother will see it for the first time. I just love the work you have done and I will let many people know about you. Thank you again.

Bridget Hunter        Jan.31, 2018

Chad Thomas

The service and quality of your product is excellent. The bobblehead came in looking great and was better than even expected.

Chad Thomas        Jan.31, 2018

Jim Smith

Please add text on base and ship. Also I wanted to complement you and your professionalism about every aspect of your site. I recently ordered from one of your competitors and it was a lot of frustration. They were very far off his likeness and I asked for 5 or 6 adjustments in 3 different emails Your site came back on the initial proof and it was a great likeness. And your emails and the amount of envolvement you gave me makes me mad I didn’t order from you first. If ever I need more bobbleheads, I will definitely order from your company. Thank you!

Jim Smith        Jan.31, 2018

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