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What are bitmoji wedding bobbleheads and why should you use them?

Jan. 02, 2018

Bitmoji are some of the nicest items that you can have at your wedding. After all, what is more important than actually having a miniature version of you and your loved one. It makes the wedding stand out, and it just brings in front a lot of fun, enjoyable moments for you and your entire family. The cool thing about a bitmoji bobblehead is that it’s created according to the way you look. The results that you can get are extremely impressive, so you have to consider that.

Can you use bitmoji as cake toppers bobblehead?

Of course, in fact, this is one of the reasons why bitmoji wedding bobbleheads look at you. This leads to a much more interesting set of visuals and the value on its own is special because of that reason alone. Moreover, adding them on a wedding cake is funny because you will have a representation of your couple in a cool, tiny format.

How can you create your bitmoji bobblehead?

If you want this type of bitmoji, then you just have to work with someone that knows how to create them. CreBobble is here to help you with all of that. We have been creating bitmoji bobblehead models for a very long time, and we are here to help with the entire process. We know how challenging it can be for you to make your wedding cake stand out. But with our help, you won’t have any dull cake anymore.

The way you create your own bitmoji bobblehead is easy. You just have to upload the bitmoji photo; then you have to select things like skin color, hair, and eyes. You can aslo add details like text on the base, if you want to include a bouquet, watch, bangs, a tiara or a lapel flower, etc.

We will send you a final image before production, and you will have to agree to that before we continue. If you don’t want customization options, you can also stick to some of the stock ideas. But the fact that you can have wedding bobbleheads make from photo is really interesting and it really is one of the nicest, most interesting things that you can do at this time. Convenience and value is important here, and that’s what you may want to focus on to say the least.


As you can see, it’s cool to have the bitmoji cake toppers bobblehead, and we are here to ensure that you get the coolest bitmoji out there. It helps you obtain an incredible experience, and the results can be nothing short of extraordinary. Give the bitmoji wedding bobleheads look like you a shot, and you are going to enjoy the entire experience. This really is one of the best and nicest experiences you will enjoy, and it’s going to bring in front some unique wedding moments you will cherish during your lifetime!


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