Fun and Memorable Gifts That Won’t Be Regifted
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By Crebobble | 09 June 2022 | 0 Comments

Fun and Memorable Gifts That Won’t Be Regifted

We’ve all had well-intentioned gifts from friends and family that go straight to the bottom of the closet just waiting for the perfect opportunity to regift. If you want to avoid this unfortunate cycle of recycling in your next gift-giving endeavor, skip sweaters and coffee mugs, and look for unique treasures that your recipient will cherish for years to come. Today, custom bobblehead maker Crebobble offers up a few ideas.
  1. A summer’s worth of lawn care service. Nobody likes mowing the yard, pulling weeds, and trimming bushes. Consider gifting someone you love with free time by paying for their lawn care this summer. As an added perk, landscaping may even improve their curb appeal, which means you’ve given them the gift of added equity in their home. When you’re looking for a lawn care company, you’ll probably search “best lawn care service near me,” but don’t just go with the top result. Look for reviews, special offers, and service providers that are fully licensed and insured.
  1. Collectible memorabilia. There’s a good chance that everyone you know is interested in something. This might be black and white movies, baseball, or historical events. Look for an auction house that caters to a variety of interests and that’s affiliated with organizations, such as the Better Business Bureau or national sports leagues.
  1. Start-up funds. Is your gift recipient an entrepreneur at heart? Consider gifting them some money that’s earmarked for a specific startup cost. Research how to start an LLC in Texas, and you’ll find that there are many costs associated with launching a new business. This can include anything from website design, marketing, administrative services, and business permits. Every little bit helps, and each dollar puts your loved one closer to their dream.
  1. Stocks and bonds. If you are gifting to children, consider stocks, bonds, or even cryptocurrency. These financial vessels may increase significantly in value over time, making a small gift now a huge contribution toward their first car or college education. A Wealth Of Common Sense financial blog offers a bit of insight into how stocks and bonds appreciate over time.
  1. Real property. Real estate is always in high demand, and if you have the extra money and want to truly have an impact on your loved one’s future, consider buying a piece of land they can build on later. While this might not be practical for everyone on your list, your siblings, children, and even parents will benefit from the safety net of always having a place to make their home. This is a long-held asset, so make sure you understand how to streamline the gifting process, particularly if your children are not yet old enough to hold property in their name.
  1. Online real estate. While the internet exists solely in the digital world, there are intangible and yet valuable assets to be had on the World Wide Web. A domain name is one example of this. Your domain is essentially online real estate, which can be used for anything from a personal blog to a business website. It’s a smart idea to buy your children’s names as a domain, which can also help give them more control over their reputation and online presence. MailChimp notes that a domain can be purchased for less than $13.
  1. A custom bobblehead. No gift list would be complete without a custom bobblehead. Custom bobbleheads are excellent gifts for weddings, graduations, or for the people in your life who quite simply have everything.
Gifts do not have to be boring. With a bit of thought, insight, and innovation, you can come up with the perfect gift for everyone on your list. From lawn care to money to start a business to custom bobbleheads and domain names, the ideas above can’t be found at your local department store but will be cherished for years to come.

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