Order a custom bobblehead doll of your choice
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Order a custom bobblehead doll of your choice

As trends are changing and people are ordering more and more stuff online, without the hassle of going to market every time they want to buy something, the bobblehead industry is changing too. There are a variety of new products and a range of customizable options available only for our customers to provide them with the products of premium quality and 100% satisfaction. Our primary focus is to create something magnificent for you, provide you with the best customer care, and to make gifts that are not only fun for clients but memorable too. Here are a variety of choices from which you can order a custom bobblehead doll of your choice.

Head-to-toe custom option

Just recently, we added a new service through which you can order a bobblehead doll of your choice. Not only you can change the hairstyle but can even change the shape, hats, clothes, posture as well as add accessories too. Customers also have the option to pick a background of their choice too.

Superheroes bobblehead dolls

Who doesn’t want to be a superhero in their life? Even if you are at your desk, you are saving the city somehow. It is our best selling product, and we are offering these products at the lowest prices in the market. Make a doll of your choice; it is entertaining and satisfying too.

Men bobblehead dolls

Now, this is something that you can control. We have the most comprehensive range of variety for you to make a mini version of yourself. You can order these bobblehead dolls for your husband, father, boyfriend, best friend, etc. all with an added ease of head-to-toe customization.

Women bobblehead dolls

Women need perfection, and this is what we guarantee. A 100% matching product to what you want. Not only we provide high-quality personalized bobbleheads, but we will provide you with the sample products too. These dolls can be altered according to your desire and are perfect for mother’s day, women’s day, for your boss, colleague, girlfriend, wife, or others.

Sportsman spirit

Light up your sportsman spirit by ordering a fully customizable doll of your choice from us. We have the most extensive collection of premium quality baseball, golf, basketball, hockey, and soccer bobblehead doll options. If you are ordering in bulk for the whole team, we may surprise you with massive discounts.

Bridesmaids and Groomsmen

Not only we provide cake toppers in both niches, but our collection is as old as our company itself. After being in the industry for so long, we know how to make your wedding more entertaining and an event for everyone to remember. On our reviews page, you can find how many satisfied customers that we had all these years. You can also order custom bobblehead dolls to make that you think are suitable for your bridesmaid, groomsmen, flower girl, or maid of honor. We assure you of the 100% satisfaction.

The wedding bells

No one is going to make you happy like us. We are offering you a chance to make your wedding memorable by ordering a set of custom bobblehead dolls either for a cake topping or in general. From our range of variety, you can go with elegant or funny styles, the country wedding theme, a western cowboy groom, the whole family, and others. Samples will be provided on demand.

Couple or the duo

Show them how much they mean to you by making a smaller version of them alongside you. You can order from our most extensive collection ever. If you are not on good terms with them and want to make amends, then this is your chance to make them happier and give real meaning to your relationship by sending them a gift that makes them happy.

Pets bobblehead dolls

Not only do we provide human bobblehead dolls, but are also working since 2011 to fulfill the orders related to pets and are also providing accessories.


From our range of variety, you can choose from a dog bobblehead, cat bobblehead, custom keyrings, full customized key chains, bottle openers, an additional pet, a birthday cake topping, cars, and other personalized accessories of your choice.

Our primary focus is on creating bobblehead dolls with premium quality and best likeness. Not only do we aspire to provide you with the most exceptional quality, but we also want to offer you the best shopping experience. We just made a record by making over 100,000 custom bobbleheads for our customers from different countries. Our artists belong to different countries and have comprehensive experience in the field. They take pride in what they do and will make sure that you get the bobblehead doll that is not only fun for you but your loved ones too.

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