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Custom Military Wedding Bobblehead Cake Toppers from Photo

May. 04, 2020

In this day and age, bobbleheads have become very popular in mimicking human character. Whether it’s in sports or advertisement in business, these dolls have recorded diversity and proved their worth. Basically, bobbleheads have oversized heads, and if mobile, springs are included on the neck to enhance bouncing. They are also called wobblers or nodders.

On many occasions, they can be used as gifts. Let's take a look at some of the reasons why we should always select bobblehead cake toppers as gifts to our military couples.

· They’re customizable

This is an important feature owing to the fact that we’re buying for an important person like our military couples. You can ‘clothe’ them with the attire you’ve always wished, or add smiles to their face. This makes the wedding memorable.

· Affordability

You can purchase them cheaply from online platforms such as crebobble, unlike other costly gifts. Therefore, you can award the military couple because you can get them regardless of the size of your wallet.

        · Durability

They are crafted from durable materials like ceramic and plastic which enables them to last for long. Therefore, to your couple, it will be a constant reminder about your gift during their wedding, which will help you develop even greater bonds.

       · They are popular gifts

Bobbleheads have existed since the 18th century. Many people have, therefore, become used to using them as gifts in other events. Gifting them to your military couple will also serve the purpose.  

       · Better versions are coming up every day due to technology

Perhaps you may be thinking that the old-fashioned dolls won’t be appreciated when offered as a gift. However, advancement in technology has made it possible to build much better and attractive bobbleheads.

Examples of Military bobblehead cake toppers

1. personalized cake topper for a military couple holding weapons

This model somehow fixed but can still be customized according to your preferences. We will perfectly replace the custom heads with those of your desired couple. Also, everything else, from the color the attire, position of the weapons to the pose and style of the attire is fully adjustable.

However, in case you need to add features such as glasses, logos, or even a hat, you need to top up the regular charges. Also, to include other features on the bobblehead, ensure you select them or include them in the photos you attach.

2. Groom in white American navy attire

This will be a perfect cake topper for your colorful couple holding each other hand in hand. Custom features such as a hat for the groom can be added. Also, the posture and color of the groom’s attire can still be altered from the default American Navy attire. Relevant Patches and logos for your couple can be appended on the groom’s attire.

For the bride, you can change the hairstyle specifications to match that of the real bride. In case the bouquet doesn’t impress you, you can order for a change, be it its color or shape, to meet your bride’s specifications.

3. Pretty smiling couple with bride in glasses

If you’re seeking to color your wedding cake with a smiling, colorful topper, this option will be a perfect blend. We will make the cake topper to look like the bitmoji faces of the groom and bride. Better still, if the groom is in the American Army Service Unit (ASU), the groom’s default attire will work just fine without any adjustments.

Also, you can decide to make the groom cuter by wearing him a military hat or even glasses to match the bride. You can change the badge and color of the groom’s attire into that of any other military unit. That makes this model fully customizable.

Basically, we shall customize the topper to the exact photos you’ll attach while placing an order.

4.American groom - African bride cake topper

This will be a perfect choice for a couple between an American groom and an African Bride. The groom is modeled as a real gentleman. That is, his left-hand elbow bend to accommodate the bride. The bride’s hand is then put under the groom’s left arm and curleda little bit to reach a perfect match.

You can dress your groom in the military outfit of your wish. The default outfit for this cake topper is that of an American Army Service Unit (ASU). You can customize the size of the bride’s elegant gown to the one that is good for you.

5.A couple in Army Service Unit (ASU) attire

Like any other profession, both the bride and groom may be in the same military unit. This model will be quite ideal in such a case. Whether they are on the same rank or in different ranks, they can still have it their way. Again, the couple doesn’t have to be from the same military unit—you can change the patches, logos, and the color of the one who's not from the ASU.

Modifications can also be done on the posture and appearance to meet your desires. In case you want something fancier like a bouquet instead of the flag, you can also attach a bouquet as a preference while making an order.

6.Back-posture of couple grabbing each other’s buts

Perhaps you want to rock your wedding cake with the couple grabbing each other’s buts. This model will be a great choice. Additionally, it comes with both front and back views. Both views will make your topper more ideal. The appealing attire of both the bride and groom will make your wedding cake more attractive and yummier.

When making an order, you can customize everything you need, be it color blending, logos, bouquet, or even the patches. The white attire is more common with the American navy unit.

7. Air Force Groom embracing bride

Sometimes personalizing the wedding cake won't do as much. We need to make it fancier and romantic. Using this bobblehead cake topper will not only beautify the cake but also bond the bride and the groom even more. By default, the model is created for a groom who's in the Air Force military unit. However, by modifying the logos, strips, and patches, you can change it to any other unit of your preference.  

Besides, the pose can also be adjusted to fit that if your choice. The bride’s dress color can also be blended differently, and size increased based on your preference.

8.cake topper in Common military outfit

If both the bride and groom are from the same military group and perhaps have equal ranks, it means they wear common attire. It, therefore, makes more sense to use the same attire to make your bobblehead cake topper. This will associate you with your workplace and create a sense of common belonging. It will go a long way in boosting the love and appreciation of your work, which is very beneficial.

You can choose to modify literally anything for this model, ranging from color blending to logos if by any chance one belongs to a different military unit.


How to make an order

Unlike in some platforms where placing an order becomes a heck, our store gives you all the simplicity that you so deserve to make an order.

Go through the following quick steps:

1. Search through our store for the product that will interest you. However, in case you had a custom on in mind, that’s great. Proceed.

2. Navigate to our products page and upload your images which will be used to customize your bobblehead. When done, submit.

3. Choose hair and eye colors, followed by the desired complexion.

4. Add the order made to a shopping cart, then make payment using either PayPal or Credit Card.

Also, please take note of the following:

a) Uploading photos.

Have at least 1 image prior to making the order. It should be clear and without justification. The image can be uploaded when making the order. Alternatively, you can share it with us later using email. Our customer service is one of the best, dedicated to giving you the best experience. You can, therefore, always feel welcomed to discuss with us about your concerns or share unlimited images you'd like to include. We're here to help.

b) Updates on project progress.

For regular orders, we usually send updates of the project towards the end of the first week. However, for rush orders, an update is emailed within 3 working days from the date of making the order. You are required to confirm so as to allow the remaining bit to be completed.

In that regard, please note:

· We send the update so that you can confirm it's exactly what you ordered and that you're satisfied. If not, you can change features such as color, motion, and pattern. However, these changes must be those indicated when making the order.

· Suppose you don’t find the model you are looking for from our online store, you can craft a new one from scratch. To do that, choose “Head-to-toe custom.”



In conclusion, all the toppers are highly flexible to any adjustments you may need. All you need is to identify your best match, send us your preferred images, and leave the rest for us. We’ve got great expertise to craft any topper from your preferences. Great bobblehead toppers for military wedding cakes, available anytime for you.

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