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Kid Bobbleheads

Dec. 20, 2018

CreBobble.com focusses on creating custom bobblehead dolls with the best quality. We are an experienced supplier of interesting dolls that look like your child. We are offering big discounts on all the items. We are one of the most popular bobblehead suppliers in the global market, are also well-known for its funny items and a very good customer service at a competitive price.

We are now offering various kinds of kid bobbleheads for worldwide customers with a rapid delivery, the fast is we can make you receive within 3 days upon your order in any city of United States. All the interesting figurines offered by us are featured with novel designs and vivid looks.

Customers can find thousands of high-quality items on our website. A variety of kids bobbleheads model for your choice!

Now, we have thousands of satisfied customers who like custom made dolls from photos for their special moment. All kids bobbleheads are made according to the newest trends. Our mission is to provide the best online shopping experience for customers and create bobblehead dolls that are full of fun for clients themselves and their children.

Bobblehead dolls that look like your child is some of the nicest items that you can have at the time you are celebrating your babys birth. What is more important than actually having a miniature version of your beloved baby!


The fantastic thing about a kid bobblehead is that it is created according to the way your boy/ girl look.

How can you create your kid bobblehead?

Create Yours Now!

1. We sculpt our dolls like the photos you provide us. You can upload your childs pictures on our website or email us a good front view of your picture.

2. You can select the options you want like the way you create your kid’s bobblehead. Now, you have to select things like hair and eyes colour. You can also add details like content on the base, bouquet, watch, bangs, a tiara or a lapel flower.

3. Upon receive your order, our perfectionist artist will send previews of your babys miniature creations to let you modify them until you are completely satisfied.



The fact that you can have girl or boy bobbleheads made from a photo is really interesting, Convenience and value are important for us as it is your kids bobblehead. Crebobble will help you obtain an incredible experience and the results must be extraordinary.

Give the kids bobbleheads and you are going to enjoy the entire experience. This is one of the wonderful experiences and its going to bring a moment that you will cherish during your lifetime!

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